Working From Home

Join the ‘Working From Home’ revolution

There are many different reasons why having staff working from home is great for the bottom line, productivity, and a work / life balance.

GTL Managed Services are specialists in setting up your team to work remotely.

We actually took the plunge ourselves in 2018, giving up our office space, retaining only a workshop space.

Now, we all work from home.

It’s improved our response times & our bottom line and although there were some challenges at first we all feel like it’s worked in our favour.

Of course there are other benefits of having a dispersed work force:

Less time spent on commuting

Less expense on vehicle maintenance and fuel

Not adding to already congested city roadways

Decreasing staff sick leave and miscellaneous time off requests

Dramatically decreased property & property related costs

Establishing a better Work / Life balance

Arguably better for the environment

Depending on your needs, setting up your team to work from home could be as simple as setting diversions on your phone system or connecting remote extns whilst ensuring all access is reliable & secure. Or it may be that your needs require a dedicated wide area network so you effectively are in the office, but at home.

Contact GTL today to see what technologies are available & discuss what it would take to have your office at home!

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